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Top definition. Ching Chong unknown.

The only word arrogant non-Asians think all Asians say. White Kid: Hey, what does ching chong mean?

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Asian Kid: It means go fuck. People that are not asian saying ching chong thinking it is a word in an asian language.

Ching chong! I cannot see! A term that 5 year old asians on urban dictionary seem to get very triggered by.

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Normal Person: Ching Chong Asian on UD: Ching chong ching chong Mei: Say that again and I'm going to pound your face in. Ching chong Japanese language professor: Actually Japanese can't pronounce "ching chong" properly, and isn't fuck asian people the same language family as any of pople Chinese languages.

So that's as intellectually incorrect peole making fun of English by saying " derka derka derka ". Word which is used when a stupid fuck asian people tries to speak an Asian language. You probably don't know English so, Ching Chong!

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The only to two phonetics composing the chinese language. Comparable to the 1 and 0 binary language system of a computer.

How are you doing today sir? It's a nice day outside. Wouldn't you agree?

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