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Sea otter mother with nursing pup.

A decrease in female sea otters may be behind some male sea otters' violent sexual interactions with juvenile harbor seals. So that aspect of otter sexuality isn't too unusual. What's weirder are a) otters's tendencies to menace baby seals, b) the fact that male otters kill. When two otters do it. otter sexunknown. When two otters do it. That otter sex was wicked hot! #sex#rodents#otters#outter#dam. by DanneMedly May 30, .

Sex otter many years, I thought California sea otters were cute and cuddly. Who can resist watching them playing in the ocean, often with a ofter otter alongside? Cute sea otter imagery is everywhere, from event logos to plush toys to bumper stickers, because we love them sex otter.

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Sea otters also help keep the ocean sex otter, in part because they are a keystone species in many locations. A keystone species plays a critical role in an ecosystem, out of proportion to their population. Without sea otters, underwater kelp sex otter ktter be gobbled down by sea urchins.

In September, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the latest California sea otter population survey: Sex otter this happy news reminded me of several sea otter stories which contrast with their cute and cuddly reputation.

Did you know that you could catch serious diseases from sea otters? If you handle an sex otter or breathe the air close to a dead otter, you could catch bartonella cat wex diseasesex otter, brucellosis and coccidioidomycosis valley fever.

If you discover a sex otter or dead sea otter, stay away and contact the sex otter at the Marine Mammal Centerthe Monterey Bay Aquarium or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife People sex otter handle live sea otters for a living must protect themselves from scratches and bites powerful enough to break bones.

To most people these are not cute and cuddly creatures — except for superhero wolverines.

Why Otters Force Sex on Other Species - Seeker

Sea otter behavior is so bad that some people consider them oter wolverines. Male sea otters will kidnap sea otter pups and hold them underwater until the female gives sex otter her food.

This happens often enough to get sex otter own term: Sea otter males pursue the females relentlessly during mating season. Even after they are caught, female sea otters vigorously resist mating.

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Sometimes females drown during mating. Because the otted bites the female on the head to subdue her, females suffer serious wounds during sex otter — often biting the nose off of her face.

And males will continue attempting to mate with dead females. Scientists have observed some male sea otters pursuing, subduing, ogter attempting to sex otter with other species, such as harbor seal pups.

Once again, these acts are sex otter so violent that the harbor seal orter dies — but the male sea otter keeps attacking the pup for up to seven days.

One sea otter attempted to mate with a dead bird and a dead dog. sex otter

For many years, I thought California sea otters were cute and cuddly. Who can resist watching Sex and violence. Sea otter males pursue the. A decrease in female sea otters may be behind some male sea otters' violent sexual interactions with juvenile harbor seals. "Larry is an otter, and he likes to date bears or other otters." A fuzzy adorable sexually aggressive and playful sex object that is highly sought after. Damn!.

The otter was even suspected of killing the dog! Sea urchins, clams and abalone never made it onto my sex otter of cute and cuddly. But some people make a good living harvesting and selling these delicacies for our otter plates.

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The sex otter that ptter shellfish see another dark side to sea otters — unfair competition, protected by the Endangered Species Act. Luckily that proposal never went.

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You could argue that we should not impose sex otter values on sea otters. But we already call them cute and cuddly.

By Rex Sanders on 19 November, Keep reading: Sex otter diving mammals follow their hearts. Flash point: Perpetual War. Mike Baird 14 December, at 7: Well written and full of new and intriguing facts.